Printed calico bags provides more benefits for your organization and customers along with the environment in multiple methods. Let us first take a look at some figures: each year Australia utilizes approximately six billion plastic material bags, many of which go in the landfill or our waterway. Since a regular plastic bags takes about 500 years to disintegrate, imagine the damage these plastics can do to the environment.

As good business people and responsible Australian residents, it is our duty to help preserve the environment, and by opting to offer promotional cotton bags rather than the usual plastic bags for the company, we are doing our country an enormous favor. Not only that, these personalised bags also can help your business in several ways.

What are calico bags?

Calico shopping bags are regular bags that are crafted from heavy-duty canvas or cotton in order to carry heavy loads. These handy tote bags are often used to carry your stuff to and from your office or school. Most of all custom made eco bags are far better alternatives to plastic bags when doing all of your groceries or when shopping.

Having said that, these bags are essential for every citizen, but they can also be described as a great promotional merchandise for businesses.

What are the great things about these promotional bags for the business?

Eco-friendly shopping bags, especially those that display your logo, are helpful In many different ways. Let us tell an individual three major reasons for you to try these bags as marketing products for your company.

1. Custom cotton shopping bags can actually help your business spend less.

Did you know an average Australian retailer generally releases 25, 000 to 30, 000 plastic bags each year? More than that, if you are large supermarket owner, you are giving away approximately 300 million hand bags annually. The costs to generating these bags are big and come to think of it, people just throw plastic bags away!

By creating something stronger and non-disposable like non-woven totes, your business can actually save more money. You can cut off your disposable plastic bag production in half or possibly a quarter by encouraging the use of these eco bags; hence you will putting more money on something more lasting, rather than something than can simply be thrown away.

2. These eco-friendly bags are usually durable, lightweight, breathable, and easy to clear; hence, they can last a lot longer.

For this reason, calico promotional bags are usually better alternatives for food shopping since they can carry heavier loads as compared to regular plastic bags. In addition to that, these shopping bags are breathable which makes it a better tote carrier for holding vegetables, fruits and other products that need this type of packaging.

Since personalized non-woven bags tend to be durable, they can serve their purpose better and will also last longer. This also makes them more versatile. They can not only provide for carrying groceries but also for carrying books, gadgets, lunches, and more.

Because they are washable and simple to clean, clients will not need to worry about putting food in these cotton totes. They can also effortlessly clean unwanted stains from these bags to get ready them for the next use. Calico shopping bags will also be lightweight and can be also be folded to match a shopper’s bag, making them convenient to transport anywhere. Clients can have some bags in their car being used anywhere they proceed.

3. These bags are excellent promotional products.

Since these promotional bags are utilized to carry important possessions, they are taken from the user anywhere. You can also decide to pack your products within calico customized bags being given away during events. If you have a fat plan for advertising merchandise, you can give a “gift package” during events and this may be a collection of some other promotional merchandise (published shirt or custom coffee mug) put into a personalised bag.

Now that you have an idea of how useful these things are for your company, allow us to share some tips on ways to find the best calico hand bags in Australia.

How to find the very best promotional bags to represent your company?

In order to find the best calico custom bags inside Australia, you must first determine which color or style you need your promotional bag to possess. It would be better to locate a cotton shopping bag with a squared-off bottom so that it can support heavy fat. Although if you are on a tight budget, more simple tote bags is going to do.

The various colors and varieties of eco-friendly shopping bags obtainable

You can have your own logo printed on promo calico shopping bags of various styles. Cotton bags that have wide handles tend to be more comfortable to carry. Not only that, you also get to choose what strap your shopping bag might have. By checking out advertising bags online, you can see a collection of tote bags, shoulder canvas bags and even drawstring bags to match the needs of your customers or your business. There are also bags with long or brief handles, and bags that are available in a duffel-bag style.

Apart from that, these bags can are also available in various colors, although white or black can still be a classic choice to begin with. Most common color choices also include green or red.

Get the best promotion bags in Australia from suppliers

Finding a durable promotional bag need not to be expensive. Our company can help you put your brand in picking a calico bag or other calico bags wholesale . You can also see our assortment of available personalised calico bags online. You just have to select which bag can represent your organization best, and then we will look after everything for you. Most of all, we also deliver any place in Australia. You can also check out laptop bags, cooler bags and backpacks available on our site. Shopping for promotional merchandise hasn’t been this easy as well as budget-friendly!